The primary goal for the Denver Fire Department Foundation is to raise the funds needed to implement a comprehensive Wellness and Fitness Initiative for each of the city's firefighters. The initial goals are as follows:
    1. Prevent cardiac related line of duty deaths
    2. Increase firefighters’ wellness and fitness
    3. Promote and motivate firefighters to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Providing Promethian Boards as tools for disseminating information and training for this Wellness and Fitness Initiative will be one of the most significant commitments to the individual firefighter in the history of the Denver Fire Department. This will enhance firefighter performance, reduce line of duty injuries, prevent premature death and improve the quality of life. Not only will the lives of the firefighters be dramatically improved, but also the community will feel the positive impact. When firefighters are physically fit, the community is safer.

The acquisition of this next generation of teaching technology will also support better interactive delivery of training sessions, thereby better serving the differing learning opportunities of our ethnically, gender and age diverse population. Smart Technology could also become a cornerstone component of interactive incident management training.