Fast Facts

  • The Denver Fire Department consists of six divisions:
    1. Operations
    2. Safety & Training
    3. Fire Prevention
    4. Adminsitration
    5. Technical Services
    6. Denver International Airport
  • The DFD's annual budget is approximately $100 million.
  • The Department employs 904 firefighters and 41 civilians.
  • There are 33 stations, 4 of which are at DIA.
  • These stations are home to 27 engines companies, 14 trucks, one heavy/technical rescue unit, one hazard unit, one water rescue unit, one collapse rescue unit, one air-light unit, one command and control vehicle and a number of reserve apparatus, chiefs’ vehicles and utility apparatus.
  • In 2008, the Denver Fire Department responded to 84,953 total alarms
  • 45, 688 medical calls
  • 8,525 auto accidents
  • 685 structure fires
    • 317 vehicle fires
    • 2,483 hazardous conditions calls
    • 3,659 service calls and 4,201 other rescues
  • More than 30 members of the Denver Fire Department are involved with Colorado Task Force 1 (CO-TF1), urban search and rescue team.
  • The DFD’S Special Operations Team provides full technical rescue capability for water rescue (open water, swift water and under the ice); hazardous materials mitigation; collapse, confined space and trench rescue; and complex extrication and high-rise rescue.
  • More than 40 Denver firefighters are members of the Denver Wildland Firefighting Team deployed regularly to fight wildfires across the country.